Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Light Tire Liners

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Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite, premium tire liners weight 50% less than standard tire liners. Why did Mr. Tuffy do it? To extend flat tire protection to avid cyclists who previously felt the added weight was too high a price to pay for the convenience of flat-free cycling.

New ribbed & fit curve design helps keep the liner in place for easier installation and makes for a smoother ride.


Color Code    Fits Tire Size
Orange 700c x 20-25, 27" x 1"
Silver 26" x 1.5" - 1.9"
Gold 29" x 1.5" - 1.95", 700c x 35-42


  • Provides a protective layer between road hazards and inner tube
  • Advanced polyurethane micro-shell technology features a hardened protective outer layer and an ultra-soft inner layer to cushion the tube
  • Weighs less than liquid sealants or thorn-resistant tubes
  • Easy to install--no gooey mess
  • Contributes to a smooth, stable ride
  • All Mr. Tuffy and Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite Tire Liners are now made with a new additive that causes them to biodegrade once disposed of in a landfill or composting facility after a long and useful life

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