Michelin Wildrock'R 26inch Foldable

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Michelin WildRock'R offers a "beefier" tread pattern, efficient in extreme conditions.

  • Massive tread blocks, arranged over the whole width of the tread to withstand the most extreme stresses. 
  • Bold shoulder pattern, with claw-shaped tread blocks to guarantee excellent cross-slope grip, help when exiting ruts and improve grip when cornering.
  • When designing their cycle tyres, MICHELIN use two types of bead, flexible beads (TS) and rigid beads (TR).
  • The traditional design of cycle tyres uses rigid beads, generally made of steel.
  • This material is heavier than the aramide fibres used in making flexible beads but it's much cheaper.
  • Although used little or not at all in higher performance tyres, with the exception of Down Hill tyres, they are nonetheless of very good quality.
  • Width (inch): 2.1 2,25
  • Diameter (inch): 26
  • Tringle: Soft
  • Weight: 615 (2,1), 690 (2,25)
  • TPI: 60
  • Pressure (bar): 2/4
  • Pressure (psi): 29/58

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