Michelin Country Grip'R 27.5inch Foldable

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The Michelin Country Grip'R is an affordable all-round wire bead tire for mixed conditions and varying terrain, offering great traction and cornering grip. 
The tread is inspired by the successful Wild Grip'R for a good balance between grip, rolling efficiency and the ability to shed mud. To improve the stability of the tread blocks, their base is reinforced. Sipes provide more grip and the bridges preserve lateral stiffness of the tread blocks. For consistent and efficient cornering grip, height, spacing and angle of the outer tread blocks were optimized. Additional grip in corners is generated by small gradings in the tread blocks. Small recesses on the outer tread blocks offer two benefits: flexible compliance at smaller loads and a blocking effect at heavier loads to prevent a loss of grip because of bending knobs.

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