Alligator Rust Lubricant (HK-RLC15) - 150 ml

Featuring extraordinary lubrication and permeability that offers excellent rust-proof effect.

Functions and uses:
  • It is designed specifically for bicycle lubrication and service. It is highly permeable, can help loosen jammed bicycle screws and parts, and can protect parts with a lubricating film.
  • It can effectively clean off bicycle decals, corrosion, and rust spots, and protects bicycle by keeping moisture out.
Just spray on bicycle parts and components from a distance of 10~15 cm. P.S. Try these tips when trying to free frozen screws:
(1) Spray on screw, wait for 30 seconds, and tap the screw in a counterclockwise direction.
(2) Again spray on the screw, wait 30~60 seconds, and turn to remove the screw.
PNP penetrating agent, lubricating oil, LPG

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