The world's finest bikes and cycling equipment that are rider engineered to help you perform to the fullest of your capabilities. Because you you deserve nothing but the best!

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    Check out the latest from Specialized being launched in India in 2017! Bikes, equipment and rider gear, everything a discerning rider needs from the best cycling brand in the world.

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    Mountain Bikes

    Whether you need to fly uphill with ease, rip downhill terrain at speed, or your rides simply demand all of the above, we’ve designed and engineered our mountain bikes to be the best performing machines for the way that you ride. From ultra-lightweight hardtails to our World-Championship-proven FSR suspension designs, you’ll find the ideal setup for your riding style.

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    Road Bikes

    For some, roads always lead to adventures in the mountains and long rides on back roads. For others, it's throwing down against rivals in spirited bursts of speed that test limits in thrilling competition. But whatever you seek from your road rides, our road bikes are specifically designed to meet your needs. From your very first road bike to the race machine that you've always dreamed of, these bikes are tuned to let you fly—your way.

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    Road Framesets

    Looking to gift a new engine to your old road machine? Specialized is well known to churn out some of the best frames in the industry!

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    Hybrid Bikes

    For you, fitness has no boundaries—not mental, not geographical, and certainly not mechanical. Our fitness bikes deliver everything that you need to achieve your fitness goals, whether it's to explore the great outdoors, go fast and test your physical capabilities, keep active without sacrificing comfort, or all of those things at once.

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    Women's Bikes

    From high-performance racing bikes to trusty about-towners, we have the perfect line of bicycles that are specially engineered for Women.

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    Kids Bikes

    Remember the freedom, fun, and sense of accomplishment that your first bike gave you? Well, these days, kids can get rolling at an even earlier age with toddler-friendly walk bikes and coaster-brake-equipped 20-inch models that are ideal for neighborhood adventures. Even better, the fun of our kids' bikes is equally matched with the quality and value that parents appreciate.

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    Water Bottles / Bottle Cages

    A building block of great performance is a healthy dose of hydration. But how to carry drink mixes and good ol’ H2O? Specialized water bottles and cages come in many shapes and sizes. From our ever popular, Purist technology, Hydroflo and insulated bottles for those thirst-quenching liquids, to our secure, easy access cages (with multiple material options), your on-bike hydration plan is set.

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    Bike Helmets

    From high-performance racing helmets to trusty about-towners, we have the perfect lid to improve your safety, comfort, and speed out on the road and trail.

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    Bike Lights

    The ability to easily see and be seen while riding brings peace of mind to any cyclist. Easily removable commuter lights for the urban landscape. We have you covered.

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    Bike Shoes

    Whether you want to explore remote trails or sprint against your friends on the road, we have the shoes that'll take your ride experience to new heights of comfort, efficiency, and durability.

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    Cycling Clothing

    No matter how you ride, we have the clothing to compliment your needs. Whether it’s a fit that’s engineered for comfort or fabrics and cuts designed to make you go faster, our road bike clothing enhances your passions. Suit up. It’s time to ride.

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    Cycling Gloves

    Our gloves connect you to the bars in a way that delivers incredible feel, control, confidence, and protection.

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    Bike Pumps

    Every rider should have two pumps: a floor pump for regular inflation and a frame (portable) pump for the inevitable puncture while riding on the road or trail..

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    Bike Saddles

    A hard day in the saddle is often just that, given that a poorly designed bike seat causes numbness and sore spots over the course of a ride. Our saddles, however, provide outstanding comfort and support, all while helping to increase blood flow and to relieve soft tissue pressure.

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    Road Bike Tires

    We've been making tires for over 40 years, and in that time, we've innovated every step of the way. From the world's fastest tire to its most durable, our road tires provide the perfect interface between you and the road.

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    Mountain Bike Tires

    Our mountain bike tires can handle the punishment dispensed by both rider and terrain, yet the treads give you the performance and confidence needed to perform at the optimal level.

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    City/Urban Tires

    From city streets to bike path adventures, our urban tires provide strength, speed, and puncture-resistance that you count on.

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    Bike Tubes and Sealant

    From our molded method of construction to innovative use of tube material, we have a tube for every rider.

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    Wheelsets and Rims

    Feel, speed, weight—no matter your reason for upgrading, wheels are the most noticeable way to improve your overall ride experience. And whether you're looking for carbon race wheels or something that can take a beating in between the barriers, we have wheels that are second to none.

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    Bike Computers

    Packed with tons of feature, our computers also deliver interference-free transmission of speed, cadence, and heart rate—all in a convenient, low-profile package.

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    Bike Grips and Handlebar Tape

    "Look, Mom! No hands!" will only get you so far. Eventually, we all have to grab the handlebars to control the bike. That’s why we designed grips and handlebar tape that add comfort and control while you're on the bike, while looking awesome when you're off.

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    A good ride is hinged to the comfort derived from the perfect fit and feel of a quality cockpit. That's why we design handlebars and stems around the highest quality alloy and carbon for both road and mountain.

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    Bike Bags & Tools

    Little things can make a big difference. The right tools in your saddle bag will prevent a flat tire from ending your ride, while durable and well-designed travel bags insert a touch of organization and security when you're traveling.

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