Bike Shipping Options

Transit Insurance:

Your bike is fully insured for its journey from our end to you, in case the box arrives damaged at your address, please mention the same on the delivery POD during time of delivery. Please note that insurance can only be claimed based on these remarks. 

BOTS Pre Set-up Bikes:

Your bike will be carefully setup and tested by our crew of trained, professional bike mechanics before the bike is shipped to you.

The following will be verified on your bike before being shipped to you

  • The bike will be unboxed, checked over thoroughly and all systems will be verified to work as expected
  • Gears and brakes will be tuned to ensure accurate shifts and sharp braking on your first ride
  • Wheels will be checked to ensure they are true and for correct spoke tension. The tire will also be inflated and checked for cracks and deformities
  • A complete bolt check will be executed to ensure all bolts are torqued as per industry norms
  • Ride the bike to ensure everything works off our professional bike work stands too
  • The bike will be reboxed as per industry standards to ensure safety of various components

Once you receive the bike, the following needs to be done before your first ride

  • Remove all packaging carefully. Don't throw away anything yet!
  • Plug in the front wheel (video)
  • The seat post needs to installed. This might require a size 4 or size 5 allen key (video)
  • The handlebar needs to be installed. This might require a size 4 or size 5 allen key (video)
  • The pedals need to be fixed. This requires a 15mm spanner (video)
  • Perform the M Check to ensure the bike is good to ride (video)
  • Schedule an appointment with a BOTS Bike Specialist to ensure the bike is safe to ride and to get tips to ride even more!

Basic required tools are all included in the bike box. Some bike builds might require more tools (e.g carbon frames)