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  • Road vs Mountain vs Hybrid Bike - Which one is best suited for me?

Your first consideration is to know where you'll be riding: on pavement, dirt trails or both. Some bicycles are made specifically for a particular kind of riding surface, while others are versatile enough that, perhaps with a quick tire change, they can be ridden in more than one category.

1) Hybrids - Ideal for commuting within the city and for the occasional 50 to 60 kilometre weekend ride. Light in weight with tires having less rolling resistance due to their thinner profile than mountain bikes make them ideal for this purpose. One could prefer a hybrid with a suspension if the roads in their locality are not well paved.

2) Road Bikes - Ideal for fitness enthusiasts who are looking at doing long distance riding, take part in brevets or race on smooth tarmac at their local races. The thin tires, drop handlebars and lighter frames are designed to do only one thing - to take you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible.

3) Mountain Bikes - If off-roading and trail riding appeals to you, then a mountain bike is just what you need. The wide tires provide additional grip in loose gravel and mud and the suspensions on these bikes help in giving you, the rider, a less bumpy ride.

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