September 05, 2015


Mountain Bikes : Hardtail Vs Full Suspension

For every biker looking to buy a mountain bike, the decision to choose between a hardtail and a full suspension bike is a very common one they are faced with. In general, baring downhill biking (where a full suspension bike is the norm), one can choose from either of the two options.


Mechanically simpler

Considering the fact that there is one less moving component set to take care of and run over maintenance cycles with, there is simply less to wear out or go wrong with the hardtail. This can only mean one thing - more time spent riding! However, as long as one runs their bike through a bike wash and clean up after riding in harsh conditions, this should not deter one from getting a full suspension bike. Also, a good full suspension bike will have components and pivots that can handle the abuse they would be put through during rough trail riding.


Simple logic holds true here. With the fact that there is one less component (the rear suspension) on a hardtail compared to a full suspension bike,  the cost of a hardtail ends up being cheaper than a full suspension bike for the same set of components on them (drivetrain, brake, frame material etc). So if you have a particular budget in mind, you will get a bike with better components if you go for a hardtail.

The addition of a rear suspension and the pivots on the full suspension frame end up making the hardtail lighter. Manufactures do try to reduce the weight of a full suspension bike by using advanced material technology, but that ends up increasing the price of the bike.

Full Suspension Bikes

Better handling, especially on technical trails

The presence of a rear suspension means that the rider has better control over the bike on all sorts of terrain since the wheels track the ground better. This allows the rider to ride with more confidence and push the bike to further limits on technical and rocky terrain.

More Comfortable

With the rear suspension absorbing hits, your body doesn’t get pounded as hard by the trail. For long rides in particular, this means you’ll finish feeling a lot less beat up.


With the better control and handling that one is provided with, the fact that you will be more confident with the bike will allow you to push yourself and the bike faster. That is why downhill racers readily took to full suspension bikes the moment they were made available in the market.

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