September 05, 2015


Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Bike

By now you would have zeroed in on whether you would like to buy a road bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid/fitness bike. If you require help in that regard, then I would request you to go over the following guide first. (click here)

These are some of the factors to keep an eye out for while buying a bike.


A good bicycle these days can cost anything upwards of 25,000 Rupees. And this comes down to the fact that these bicycles are not just your point A to point B commuter, but is a lifestyle choice that will help you accomplish a lot more; be it getting fitter and healthier, heading out on that adventure you have long being wanting to do or whatsoever be your goal you plan to achieve with your bicycle. It is an investment that would surely have a positive impact on your life as a whole.

The more you end up spending on the bicycle, you will end up with better components (frameset, brakes, drivetrain components, tires etc)  on the bike, which will allow you to be more efficient while riding and also provide you with a machine that has the ability to be pushed to newer boundaries as you progress with your own riding abilities and skills.

Also, it is important to set aside a small portion of the budget for certain mandatory rider essentials like a helmet, floor pump, puncture repair kit, lights etc.

BOTS Tip - When it comes to deciding a budget for your cycling, ask yourself what is the maximum that you are willing to spend on the bike, keeping in mind the fact that you will end up spending another 5,000 to 10,000 on mandatory accessories that will need to be immediately purchased (accessories list).

The Importance of The Frameset

The frame is the heart of any bicycle. All other components like the drivetrain (derailleurs, cassette, chain), brake sets, tires are components that will wear out over time and can always be replaced.  But the frame is that part of the bicycle that is always going to stay. Good manufacturers and major bike brands spend a lot of time and effort in making light, durable, strong and stiff frames that will provide you with the best ride experience. With advancements in welding technology, carbon layering and metal alloy technology, frame sets are constantly improving over time. Give us a call if you need more information in this regard and we'll have one of our bike specialists fill you in with more information in this regard.

BOTS Tip - Beware of the Chinese rip-off's of frames of major bicycle manufacturers. Especially the carbon frame. Though the substantial price difference might seem to be really attractive, the levels of stress that these counterfeit frames can take is nowhere near their original counterparts. Here is a recent test that was done on these framesets to show the vast gulf in quality.

The Undue Over-Emphasis on The Drivetrain

A lot of aspiring riders end up putting too much emphasis on the drivetrain of the bike, so much so that they end up basing their bike purchase solely on the drivetrain and the cost! It's important to understand here that if two similarly priced bikes have major differences in their drivetrain components, they bike with the better drivetrain might have been compromised at some other place, be it the saddle, the brake sets, wheels, tires or maybe even the frame. Just remember, you are buying a bike. Don't base the buy just by looking at the drivetrain. It's the whole package that needs to fall in place. 

The Right Fit is EVERYTHING

 No matter how expensive a bike is or how good its components are or whether it is made of carbon fibre or aluminium, at the end of the day, if the frame size of the bike is wrong or the saddle height is set incorrectly, you are never going to be able to enjoy your riding to your fullest potential. And if these things are too off the mark, then it can actually lead to chronic back and knee pain. So the first and foremost thing to look for when buying a bicycle is making sure that it is the right frame size, and that the bike is sized for you.

To view our sizing charts, click here.

To know how to take body measurements to determine the right frame size, click here.

To learn how to do a quick bike sizing at home, click here.

If you still have any queries or questions regarding what to look for while buying a bike, feel free to give us a call and we shall connect you with one of our bike specialists at our cycling company.


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